New Fashion Label for woman in love with bikes and cars!
With testimonials of racers in all over Europe, Austrian start up Fashion label “Wheel Sisters” provides Fashion for power-woman interested in anything around two or four wheels.


“Our fashion-line is aiming for all the female race drivers, mechanics, all the car fans and bike freaks. We want to give these women the chance to show off their love for cars and bikes”, said Monika Graber, founder and creative mind of the label. The collection includes t-shirts, hoodies and zip-vests with original designs and statements about #girlpower. Around the collection a whole European wide community is building up, representing the lifestyle of the label.

“It was not until too long ago that motorsport was dominated by men, luckily this has changed. Our “WHEEL SISTERS” show, that the strong female gender took over motorsport long time ago. They battle successfully against men while going their own ways. This is what we call #girlpower and that’s exactly what we try to transport through our fashion”, Graber explains.

Anja Verbic Jeannette Kvick Milov Mets


Next to our fashion line, we created an online blog, where you continuously find new Interviews and news about our members as well as talks with well-known female motorsport stars. “That’s the greatest. In the blog we talk about very personal stories, the way to success and the hard way back after an injury”, Graber explains further.

Monica Graber

To keep the customers away from getting thirsty, new designs for the fashion lines are already in starting positions, despite that WHEEL SISTERS ships to 25 States within Europe alone. Find more info at


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